About Us

ELIZABETH - 1983 was the year that changed my whole outlook on homeopath remedies, it was also the year I met my Husband’s Mother. She had a tiny garden packed as full as an egg with herbs and she explained to me the healing properties in every plant. She and generations of her family before her would treat infections, skin sores, muscle pain, colds, flu, etc., and I became her apprentice. She passed in 1994 and left me her ’spellbook’ as we called it.

Homeopath treatments have earned their place in treating skin conditions and mild infections, equally we believe in modern medicine to treat life threatening health problems.

STEPHEN - We have had a great deal of success with our products, from people who don’t want to go down the road of conventional medicinal treatments and those who have exhausted the drug market and are disappointed with the results.

We are a small family business who work hard to achieve excellence in providing our customers with safe, trustworthy and practical and effective healthy skin care, hair care and makeup products. Our success is wholeheartedly due to our returning customers, word of mouth and the tried and tested recipes our fore mother’s and father’s contributed to the making of the spellbook’. Generations of my family have healed with herbs, we credit them with our success.  

These days public demand for better quality skin care and food produce has seen a resurgence of organic skin care products which, in turn, has led to natural plant and herb exploration and usage.

The practice of herbal medicine fell out of fashion during the middle of the last century and we believe this is due to the power of advertising and convenience buying.  Humans had lost skills without realising they had lost anything of real value to their day to day living and there are still many who believe that herbal healing is not an effective method of healing and that our ancestors had to make do with what they could find and grow. Our dependence on modern health care had further widened the gap between modern medicine and natural health care. Progress has been made to close this gap with many people choosing to explore their health care options.

The success of Humankind Organics lies in the manufacturing process. We make skin and hair care products the old fashioned way, using the finest ingredients and none of the cheap chemicals that are sometimes toxic and known irritants that are in mass produced brands.

Our approach to manufacturing is a great deal different to many other skin care companies, natural, organic or otherwise. It is common practice to use base products (Cocamidopropyl betaine) which is a 'ready made' shampoo to which essential oils or fragrance is added. This practice is acceptable, but in our opinion it is not good for sensitive or sore skin